Grinding And Hard Chroming


The company was established in 1980. We are a small company that can guarantee hands on service and quality workmanship.

Precision grinding of shafts 3.5m x 850 dia.

Internal from I/D 20mm to face plate 1m dia. x 750mm long.

We have our own hard chrome plating facility in house.

Our company specializes in the recovery of printing cylinders

and shafts for the printing packaging and allied industries general engineering, glass & textile industries but to mention a few.

We also do motorcycle stantions and rear shock shafts.

If you would like more information on our company please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our service is smoothly organized and well protected to mold the future.

Our company portfolio provides you with the work we have done over the years of printing, packaging, grinding, chroming, canning and motorcycle stanchions. 

Our work provides you with our service on shielding your structure by smooth grinding and hard chroming on what you need protecting. We are always on the go to help you further life on your structures.
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