8 Advantages of Using CNC Surface Grinder in Auto Parts Processing

Auto spare parts constitute the overall car of each unit and in the service of automobile products. Auto part usually requires high precision and high reliability. Manufacturing of auto bearing parts with CNC surface grinder could gain the following advantages.

8 Advantages of Using CNC Surface Grinder in Manufacturing Auto Parts

1.High Precision: two parallel plane, through the disc, the swing arm type feeding NC vertical double end face grinding machine grinding, the precision of the products can reach 0.002 ~ 0.003 mm.

2. High stiffness is the difference between two sides of the plane can control within 0.006 mm dimension consistency control ability.

3. High Efficiency: disc, the swing arm type feeding CNC grinding machine, compared to its efficiency on the basis of the same precision grinding machine is more than 10 times.

4. For many applications, grinding is the preferred process strictly because of the finish it provides. These machines handle the tight tolerances of tenths or millionths without a struggle. Extremely stable machines, they're made for dealing with super tight tolerances.

5. Temperature changes in and around a machine can create steady fluctuations in component sizes. Although these variations may seem minute, when tolerances are in tenths and millionths, they can spell the difference between a good part and scrap.

6. Easy to Operate: vertical double end face grinding machine, CNC control convenient operation convenient operation compared with horizontal double end face grinding machine fixture design more reasonable, more scientific and more flexible.

7. For successful hard turning, the key components for a machine are that it is rigid, thermally stable, the more can be integrated into the process and the more efficient the operation.

8. Along with vibration stress release, these outstanding structural features assure high strength, maximum damping capability, and longer service life.

Just as streamline, CNC surface grinding machine is another very important revolution in auto parts manufacturing. With these machines, manufactures can produce both normal and special auto parts in large amount. That shorts the whole design and manufacturing processing of an auto part and also lowers the cost.

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