Hard Chroming Services

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Our service is smoothly organized and well protected to mould the future. Our Company Portfolio Provides you with the work we have done over the years of Printing, packaging, grinding, chroming, canning and motorcycle stanchions. Our work provides you with our service on shielding your structure by smooth grinding and hard chroming on what you need protecting. We are always on the go to help you further life on your structures.

About Hard Chroming

Hard Chrome plating is a low temperature method of electro depositing chromium onto various substrate materials (steel copper brass & stainless steel) for a variety of applications. Hard Chroming increase the expected service life of components due to its high wear, corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Hard Chrome is often used to reclaim worn out or new miss-machined components that would otherwise be thrown away. Hard Chrome is also used to enhance the properties of new components.

Hard Chrome has its name due to it having a high hardness value coupled with its low co-efficient of friction makes Hard chrome an ideal surface for seals, bushes and other materials to run against.

What is Chrome?

Hard chrome, also known as industrial chrome, engineered chrome or functional chrome, is a metal surface coating used to reduce friction, improve durability through abrasion tolerance and wear resistance. Hard chrome has a great resistance to fretting and galling minimising wear and seizure of mating parts. Expand chemical inertness to include a broader set of conditions, and bulking material for worn parts to restore their original dimensions.

Application for Hard Chrome:

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