Benefits of Industrial Chrome Plating

Industrial Hard Chrome Plating

For improved wear and corrosion resistance, it's tough to beat hard chrome plating. The hardness and durability of a chromium metal surface finish means your parts will last longer even under severe mechanical contact and wear situations. A chrome surface also resists corrosion, making it suitable for use in harsh environments or where other plating materials would wear away, exposing the substrate metal to corrosion attack.

How Long Does Chrome Plating Last?

The longevity of any chrome plating depends on several factors:

What Is the Use of Chrome Plating?

At first glance, chrome plating may appear to be a purely aesthetic finish. While chrome plating does offer an attractive and appealing finish for a wide range of products, hard chrome surfaces are also ideal for a multitude of other industrial applications, including:

These are just a few of the common applications of hard chrome plating. You can contact our team to learn more about other applications or to discuss your specific chrome plating needs.

How Does Hard Chrome Plating Work?

Our advanced chrome plating procedure makes use of an electrical current to pull dissolved metallic chromium out of our plating bath and deposit it in a thin layer on the substrate — which is your product or material. Through precise bath chemistry and current flow control, we can deposit the right thickness of chrome plating for your application. Our proven results make us one of the most trusted names in hard chrome plating on the East Coast and allows us to continue growing our customer base in PA, MD, and across the country.

Once the chrome layer is deposited, it provides a hard, durable surface that resists wear, impact and corrosion. You also get a clean, smooth, attractive surface that is easy to clean and inspect for abnormal wear. Some industrial chrome plating applications require a consistent and attractive finish, and our chrome plating is the perfect solution for years of reliability.

Other Advantages of Hard Chrome

The practical wear and corrosion advantages of hard chrome are what makes it so popular, but there are other advantages that make it even more appealing:

When you add all of these advantages up, you're getting a quality chrome finish that reduces operating costs and minimizes downtime thanks to the improved wear resistance, hardness and corrosion response of your plated parts.

Appearance Benefits as Well

On top of the practical and empirical benefits of hard chrome, it also provides a bright and appealing finish, making it suitable for parts that will be visible or on display. An even smoother finish can be achieved by grinding and polishing, making our industrial hard chrome plating ideal for ball bearing and sliding guide applications as well.

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