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Expert And Fast Turn-Around for Surface Grinding

W G Munn Hardchroming & Precision Grinding is perfect for quick-turnaround, surface grinding. We use only the best grinding machines available and complete jobs in the fastest time possible.

Cylindrical grinding

Cylindrical grinding machines enable extremely efficient grinding processes with a high degree of process reliability, the ultimate in workpiece quality and an optimum cost-to-performance ratio across a wide range of industries.

What is Precision Grinding?

Precision grinding is a precise manufacturing process used across a diverse range of sectors, providing an efficient way to complete the fabrication and finishing of metal parts with very close and tight tolerances.

Surface Grinder

Surface grinding is an abrasive process. It involves securing the object to a device that will hold it in place (a chuck) before slowly moving the object's surface across a grinding wheel that's spinning really fast. This will generate a flat plane wherever the machine comes into contact with the object. It also gives the object an even finish. The longer the wheel spends working on the cutting depth, as well as using a surface grinding wheel with a higher grit count will further improve the surface's finish. By slowly increasing the depth of the cut the machinist will be able to achieve these things.

Grinding Machines

Not to be confused with a milling machine, a grinding machine is a heavy-duty machine that's used to remove material from the surface of a workpiece. While milling machines feature a rotating cutting tool that's placed against a stationary workpiece, a grinding machine features a rotating grinding wheel, which is also placed against a stationary workpiece.

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